Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Trump Cuts UNRWA Funding Amid Abbas Assault The funding goes to a UN agency specially designated for the descendants of Palestinian refugees.

Seven Years Later: The Arab Spring's Messy Endings Most in the region are not looking back at those momentous events. Instead, they are dealing with the aftereffects.

Palestinian Movie Banned From Film Festival for Inciting Violence Israel's been complaining about ongoing Palestinian incitement to violence (in violation of the so-called "Oslo Accords") for years.

CIA Report Reveals Budding Tehran-PLO Relationship in 1979 The 1980 report suggests there was a budding relationship between Tehran and Yasser Arafat's ruling Fatah party in the Islamic Republic's early days.

Kabbalist: New High-Speed Train Necessary For Third Temple The new high-speed train nearing completion connecting Israel's recently upgraded international airport directly to the Temple Mount is expected to be complete just in time for Passover.

Analysis:Who was behind the uprising against the Iranian regime? Sleeper cells around the country may be activated sooner than we think.

Erdogan: We will 'Strangle' U.S.-Backed Force in Syria 'Before It's Even Born' "A country we call an ally is insisting on forming a terror army on our borders. What can that terror army target but Turkey?"

PM: World Has Pampered Palestinians, Trump First to Tell Them the Truth "If we ever want to get to reconciliation and peace, there needs to be an understanding why this conflict has continued for so many years," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

The Quran Says Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews Quranic passages clearly illustrate the Jews' imperative to enter the land of Israel.

Descendants reenact Declaration of Independence signing Decades before they were born, their grandparents and great-grandparents made history by when they signed Israel's Declaration of Independence.

Israeli jets strike third Palestinian terror tunnel The Israel air strike Saturday night, Jan. 13, in the southern Gaza Strip was aimed at a terror tunnel running 180m into Israel that Hamas was building under the Kerem Shalom crossing through which convoys of goods pass from Israel to the Gaza Strip.

India, Pakistan Threaten Nuclear War India and Pakistan have threatened nuclear war with one another as tensions continue to escalate over the disputed Kashmir territories.

Why Professing Christ Is Becoming A 'Hate Crime' in the West A grim foreshadowing of the future from the U.K.

Macron's Chinese 'game of influence' "Europe is back," French president Emmanuel Macron told Chinese leaders last week during a three-day visit to China.