Thursday, November 21, 2013


Netanyahu vows: No nukes for Iran's 'dark regime' The Iranian government is reminiscent of "dark regimes of the past".

Iran Launches 'Massive' War Drills Iranian military forces launched a series of "massive military drills" across nine provinces.

Air Force Seeks Laser Weapons for Next Generation Fighters The U.S. Air Force has released a new request for a high-powered laser weapon that could be mounted on a next-generation air dominance fighter.

Iraq militia says fires mortar bombs at Saudi as warning Six mortar bombs landed near a border post in northern Saudi Arabia.

Filling the Mideast vacuum Russian President Vladimir Putin stood alongside Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a Kremlin side-room fit for a prince.

40,000 NATO troops to stage massive European war games After the 2014 pullout from Afghanistan, NATO is set to stage huge European war games involving 40,000 troops.

Pakistan: Possible US Drone Kills 5 at Islamic School A drone attack on an Islamic seminary in Pakistan, likely carried out by the US, left 5 dead.

Dutch Catholic TV airs Jews-killed-Jesus video A Dutch Catholic public broadcaster has apologized for and pulled off the air a video clip featuring a song which accuses Jews of plotting to kill Jesus.

Seven EU states create military drone 'club' Seven EU countries have formed what France calls a "club" to produce military drones from 2020 onward.

EU population booms as migrants pour in Migrants remained the main drivers of a return to growth for Europe's official population in 2012.