Tuesday, December 01, 2009


* EU's Lisbon Treaty comes into force The European Union is celebrating the entry into force of a new set of rules today (1 December), hoping to put a full-stop behind the years of wrangling.

* Israel: EU stance on Jerusalem harms peace talks The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday lashed out at a European Union plan to call for the division of Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians.

* Palestinians to ask UN for 1967 borders Palestinian statehood is a "vital" component necessary for regional peace, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

* Settlers block Israeli inspectors enforcing West Bank freeze Defense Ministry inspectors who came to the West Bank on Tuesday to enforce a freeze on settlement construction found the roads blocked by Israeli settlers, who have vowed to defy the government crackdown.

* Nasrallah: Continue arming to fight Israel Hizbullah will improve its weapons capabilities to face off any Israeli threat, the group's leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's said.

* As Iran crisis grows, the UN nuclear watchdog has a new chief The new director general of the International Atomic Energy said Tuesday he would do his best to deal with the challenges facing his organization.

* Russia building arms plants in Venezuela Russia is building arms plants in Venezuela to produce AK-103 automatic rifles and cartridges.

* New IDF unit to fight enemies on Facebook, Twitter The Israel Defense Forces Spokesman's Office is to begin drafting computer experts with an eye toward establishing an Internet and new media department unit.

* Minaret ban 'a security risk' - Swiss minister A decision by Swiss voters to ban the construction of minarets poses a risk to Switzerland's security, the country's foreign minister says.

* U.S.: Time running out for Iran The White House warned Iran Tuesday that it faces further sanctions if "they don't stop their enrichment activities, if they don't forsake their nuclear weapons program."