Friday, July 03, 2015


Gallup: Less Pride In Being American Than Ever A new Gallup poll reveals that Barack Obama's efforts to diminish pride among Americans in their heritage have resonated among Americans.

ISIS in Sinai is a serious threat to Israel Analysis: The impressive fighting abilities demonstrated by the Islamic State in northern Sinai pose a new challenge to the IDF. 

ISIS threat 'nothing' compared to nuclear Iran, Netanyahu warns (again) As the Iranian nuclear negotiations teeter on the brink, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is saying the world has more to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran than ISIS terrorists.

Israel goes on the alert on her Sinai border The Islamic State (ISIS) organization launched an offensive against Egyptian security forces on Wednesday killing dozens. 

Police boost security in Old City and at checkpoints Prayers will proceed as planned as thousands of Palestinians are expected to convene at al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount for the third week of Ramadan, though with a greater police presence.

Putin and Rouhani to Meet Next Week Russian President and Iranian counterpart to meet in Russia's city of Ufa as nuclear talks conclude.

Greece debt crisis: Tsipras urges 'No' to 'blackmail' Greek PM Alexis Tsipras has called on voters to reject "blackmail" when they vote in a bailout referendum on Sunday.

German NGO organizes 'Rent a Jew' program "Many people in Germany have not had a chance to meet Jews in Germany," said board member Eva Haller.

In saying "we don't" to gay marriage, Orthodox Jews brace for consequences American Orthodox Jewish groups worry tax status and government grants are now on the line.

IS destroys iconic lion statue at Syria's Palmyra museum Irreplaceable Lion of al-Lat was 2,000 years old; brutal terror group also smashes other artifacts from Palmyra.