Friday, April 08, 2011


* WikiLeaks Revelations on Israel The latest media-barnstorm by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reveals the private concerns and assessments of Israel's intelligence services.

* Diplomacy: The significance of September There is something about Septembers that has a tendency to get everyone all a-flutter.

* Nuclear fuel being reloaded at Iran power plant Nuclear fuel is once again being loaded into the reactor of Iran's Bushehr power plant.

* Ashton calls for a 'cessation of violence' in Gaza The European Union chief Caroline Ashton called on Friday for a complete "cessation of violence" between Gaza and Israel.

* Robert Gates: US Iraq troops 'could stay longer' US troops could if required by Iraq stay in the country beyond the agreed withdrawal date of 31 December, 2011, the US defence secretary has said.

* Saudi Arabia in crisis: Kingdom projects calm, raises military salaries Saudi Arabia has raised the salaries of military personnel as part of a drive to enhance defense against neighboring Iran.

* New TV documentary: How Europe got its first president How did the post of European president get to be created? And how did someone completely unknown to most Europeans end up in it?

* Settlers' poll: 78% of Likudniks oppose Palestinian State Three quarters of Likud members believe that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should wait until the fate of uprisings in the Muslim world becomes clearer.

* Syrian city of Deraa hit by deadly clashes At least 19 protesters have been killed during anti-government rallies in the southern Syrian city of Deraa.

* Prospects fade for military overthrow of Gaddafi Libyan rebels said on Friday they repulsed a government assault on the besieged city of Misrata.