Monday, July 26, 2021


 Moscow’s changed line on Israel’s Syria raids followed first Putin-Biden summit Moscow confirms DEBKAfile’s exclusive of July 21, (Putin steps away from deal with Netanyahu for a blind eye on Syria air strikes), according to the Saudi publication Sharq al Awsat.

Syrian air defense units intercept Israeli missiles near Damascus, thwarting THIRD raid in a week – Russian Defense Ministry The Syrian military intercepted two missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets at the Damascus suburb of Set Zaynab over the weekend, thwarting the third airstrike in just a week, using Russian-made air defense systems.

The EU Needs to Think Long-Term in Its Relationship with Russia Disentangling long-term foreign policy priorities from the short- to medium-term domestic agenda in the United States and EU member countries might be a solution to the puzzle from the perspective of Russian decision-makers.

Jordan's King Abdullah II confirms he met with Gantz, Bennett At a secret meeting, Bennett and Abdullah reportedly agreed that the two countries must heal rifts, using the water deal as a first step.

Manufacturing of Unique Red Dye For Third Temple Begins On Sunday, a woman went out to collect tiny insects that once a year, produce the flame-colored dye that was used in the Temple.

The US Is Undermining the Abraham Accords In contrast to the Trump administration’s tough stance on Iran, President Joe Biden’s willingness to negotiate with and reach a weak agreement with Iran undermines the strategic rationale for the normalization agreements between Israel and the Gulf states.

A water crisis is creating nightmare conditions across the Middle East That the wars of the future will be fought over water rather than oil is an adage that feels like an increasingly terrifyingly reality as every year goes by.

Will Lebanon Fall into the Hands of Iran? There is growing concern among the Lebanese and other Arabs that Iran is planning to exploit the severe political, economic and financial crisis in Lebanon to complete its takeover of the country.

Iraqi militias grow in power as Iran’s military strongman proves too weak Esmail Qaani – successor to the assassinated Qassem Suleimani as Quds chief – lacks authority to stop attacks on US targets, sources say.

The Gaza ceasefire is shaky and another war may be coming soon The persistent violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem and an Israeli desire for a revanche may rekindle hostilities.