Thursday, October 01, 2020


 Iranian terror in Bahrain to rise to stop deal with Israel – intel center The Islamic Republic has always wanted to “flip” Bahrain into being another Shi’ite dominated country, hoping to use the Shi’ite majority to its benefit.

Iran: ‘We will help any country fighting the Zionist regime and the United States’ Tehran is seeking to survive the window of time before the U.S. election without giving President Donald Trump the option of taking actions against it to score points during the race.

Iran's Other Threat to Civilization The US and its allies need to do everything possible never again to be caught in a state of unpreparedness.

Explosive stakes on Armenia-Azerbaijan chessboard Pulling Russia back into the Nagorno-Karabakh morass means more Turkish freedom of action in other war theaters.

Top defense official: It would take IDF months to clean out Hezbollah In order to truly clean out Hezbollah from its strongholds in any future conflict, it would take the IDF months, Defense Ministry director-general Amir Eshel said Tuesday night.

Russia and the war in Syria: In for the long haul Russia took on an active role in the war in Syria five years ago, saying it was fighting terrorism. What has it achieved and at what price? Experts give their assessments.

Qatari and Turkish support for Muslim Brotherhood network revealed in 100-page report Think tank concludes Doha and Ankara are bankrolling, supporting interlinked network across Britain, Europe.

Assad’s future and the Syrian Civil War could hinge on the US presidential election Trump, Biden likely to approach Syria and Assad's future in dramatically different ways.

IRAN: We will help any country fighting the Israel and the United States The spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces, Brig. Gen. Abolfazi Shekarchi, said on the occasion of The Sacred Defense Week, commemorating the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq War, that Iran is willing to contribute its vast experience to its allies in the “resistance front” and even sends advisers to them.

Antifa as ‘Just an Idea’ a Bad Omen for Christians in Joe Biden’s America The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump reflected the state of America in 2020.