Thursday, August 13, 2015


* Nuke Deal Provides "Historic Opportunity" to Confront Israel, Iran FM Tells Hezbollah Terror Chief - The two discussed how the recent nuke deal creates an opportunity for Tehran’s regional allies to “face threats posed by the Zionist entity”.

* NATO and Russia Preparing for War - What happens if the decades-long standoff between Russia and NATO military forces GOES from a pseudo Cold War to a hot one?

* Iraq truck bomb kills dozens at Baghdad market - At least 59 people have been killed after a truck bomb exploded in north-eastern Baghdad, Iraqi officials say.

* Iranian military official: 'We laugh' when US threatens to attack - Military officials in the past have also mocked the West's willingness to attack the Islamic Republic.

* Russian Warships Dock In Iran for War Training - Iranian military leader: ‘Only the dead body of the American troops realizes the power of’ Iran.

* Iran to Fire Missiles in War Drills - Firing of missiles follows war games with Russia.

* IDF Laser Beams to Intercept Mortar Shells? - Following success of Iron Dome against rockets, system in the works to neutralize mortar fire cheaply and effectively.

* Arch-Terrorist Marwan Barghouti Suggested as New PA Chief - Head of the Palestinian Prisoner's Club says he hopes Marwan Barghouti will 'lead Palestinian people to freedom.'

* When the Prime Ministers Took Down the Hijackers - Netanyahu, former premiers Barak and Peres gather to see a new docudrama on the 1972 hostage rescue, ‘Operation Isotope’.

* China allows yuan currency to drop for third day - China has set the guiding rate for its yuan currency lower for a third consecutive day.