Friday, June 10, 2011


* Concerns over democracy dominate as Turkey votes The last time Turks voted in a general election in 2007, opponents feared the socially conservative ruling party was turning Turkey into an Iran-style Islamic state.

* Iraq will ask US troops to stay post-2011, says Panetta HumankilarystemIraq will ask the US to keep troops in the country beyond an end-of-2011 pullout deadline, says the nominee to be the next US defence secretary.

* PA: "If I Forget Thee, Oh Jerusalem" First Said by Crusader Continuing its policy of denying Jerusalem's Jewish heritage the Palestinian Authority publicized the claims of an Arab researcher.

* Fleeing violence, Syrian refugees warn of potential massacre Syrian refugees continued to stream into Turkey Thursday, fleeing an expected revenge attack from the regime against their town of Jisr al-Shughur.

* Hamas Summer Camps Train Next Generation Terrorists Hamas is reporting record turnouts for its summer camps for children in 2011.

* Voyagers ride 'magnetic bubbles' Humankind's most distant emissaries are flying through a turbulent sea of magnetism as they seek to break free of our Solar System.

* Police enter Temple Mount to stop riots Police and Border Guard forces broke into the Temple Mount compound on Friday after stones were hurled at the end of Friday prayers.

* US Senators oppose Israel return to 1967 lines US senators proposed a resolution on Thursday opposing any Israeli withdrawal to 1967 lines.

* 'Iran caught 10 times trying to send arms to terrorists' Iran has been caught red-handed in 10 different attempts in recent years to transfer weaponry to terrorists throughout the Middle East.

* 'Palestinians expressing second thoughts over UN path' Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wants to "climb down from the tree" and restart peace talks.