Friday, February 05, 2021


 Former Shin Bet chief calls for Israel to ‘initiate military operations against Iran’ Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Avi Dichter says the lack of a U.S. response to the 2019 attack on Saudi oil facilities showed Iran there would be no price to pay for ramping up aggression.

Avi Benlolo: Biden's roadmap to peace in the Middle East Instead of recognizing that this is one area in which Trump made some historic gains, Biden has begun wavering on his Mideast policy.

Biden's UN pick passes through Senate Foreign Relations Committee The top Democrat on the committee said he trusts Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Iran and Israel, but his Republican counterparts were more critical.

Palestinian pay-for-slay stands in the way of renewing ties with Biden administration Palestinian policy of paying reward money to convicted terrorists stands between renewing ties with the Biden administration.

Europe and Iran: What Comes Next? | Opinion The Iranian nuclear program has caused alarm within the European Union and particularly in France.

Human Rights Violations No One Talks About On January 3, 2021, the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Land Authority (PLA) in the Gaza Strip "removed" three houses -- one of which had been inhabited by a family of three -- and bulldozed about 30 dunums (7.4 acres) of agricultural land in the as-Salam neighborhood west of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

Biden’s Assistant Secretary of State Urged Negotiations with Hamas President Joe Biden’s choice for Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine, Hady Amr, has urged including the terrorist organization Hamas in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

How China’s rise in the Middle East can inform US policy under Biden China is cementing its position in the US sandpit. As the Biden administration re-evaluates US foreign policy, and its China policy in particular, one region that demands a closer look is the Middle East.

Xi Jinping looks at the Western cultural revolution and smiles Cancel culture wants turn our story into a blank page so the young know nothing of what the West has given to humanity. Mao laughs. Op-ed.

Senate votes overwhelmingly to keep US embassy in Jerusalem Senate votes 97-3 to approve. Senator Inhofe: “It’s an important message that we acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”