Friday, December 07, 2007


* Thousands come to J'lem to protest plans to divide capital It was with a sense of religious fervor that the thousands of people who came Thursday to the Jerusalem International Convention Center sang Shuli Natan's "Jerusalem of Gold."

* Decision time on Iran nearing, Livni says Iran is close to crossing a technological threshold after which it will be able to secretly produce nuclear weapons without supervision.

* IDF to show US nuclear data on Iran Military Intelligence will present its hard core evidence on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program on Sunday.

* New PA Law: Negotiating Jerusalem is an Act of Treason The PA legislature has passed the first reading of a law forbidding any concessions in, or even negotiations regarding, Jerusalem.

* UN chief: Israel's settlement expansion plan 'not helpful' UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Thursday said Israel's decision to expand a Jewish settlement in east Jerusalem was "not helpful".

* Serbian official threatens to go to war over Kosovo The EU special envoy on Kosovo yesterday demanded the retraction of a threat by a senior Serbian official.

* Kenya battles swarms of locusts Kenyan authorities are battling swarms of locusts, which are reported to have damaged crops.

* Putin's party to name 'successor' President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party, which won a huge majority in recent parliamentary elections, is to choose its presidential candidate.

* Russia accuses US of backtracking on missile shield Washington has indicated it is willing to "refine" its plans to place parts of a missile defence shield in Central Europe to accommodate Russian concerns.

* Mofaz warns: Don't negotiate with Abbas Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz warned Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in a speech to Kadima activists in Petah Tikva on Thursday that he should not negotiate with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.