Monday, August 29, 2011


* Syrian forces surround town after soldiers defect Residents in town near Homs say tanks, armored vehicles begin firing with machine guns in operation to counter dissent within military.

* Gaddafi still threat for Libya and world - NTC's Jalil Col Muammar Gaddafi still poses a danger for Libya and the world, the head of the Libyan rebels has said.

* Abbas: We won't recognize Israel as Jewish state Palestinian leader defiant ahead of UN statehood bid, urges international community to back off.

* Iran Plans to Include Egypt in Terror Axis Iran announced it will renew relations with the new Egyptian regime by sending an ambassador to Cairo in several months.

* Libya threatens to become terrorist arms depot Post-Gaddafi chaos exposes arsenals of small arms and chemicals to raids by smugglers and militants.

* Turkey: Up to 160 Kurd rebels killed in n. Iraq strikes Turkish air, artillery strikes come after at least 40 Turkish security personnel killed in PKK attacks in southern Turkey.

* Polish finance minister says Europe at risk of collapse Polish finance minister Jacek Rostowski has said the EU could collapse if leading countries such as Germany mishandle the financial crisis.

* Iran denies Revolutionary Guard helping Syria suppress protests European Union claims Revolutionary Guard provided Syrian President Bashar Assad with technical help, equipment and other support.

* Israel could not stop nuclear Iran with one strike Senior defense official tells foreign reporters Islamic Republic differs from Iraq, Syria where one strike can derail nuclear program; claims US stands better chance to force Tehran to halt atomic quest

* Coming to a theater near you... Jerusalem in 3D IMAX extravaganza with bird's eye views of the capital city to be screened for next 5-10 years on 35 screens around world.