Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Bernie Sanders calls Netanyahu 'reactionary racist' Sanders said if he is elected, he would "take into consideration" moving the US embassy back to Tel Aviv, adding Middle East policy should be about protecting Israel "but you cannot ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people."

Globe battles virus as cases multiply outside China Crews scrubbed everything from money to buses, military bases were on high alert and quarantines were enforced Wednesday from a beachfront resort in the Atlantic to a remote island in the Pacific, as the world worked to halt the fast-spreading virus that for the first time counted more new cases outside China than inside the country, where the epidemic originated.

Sanders: I'd consider moving embassy back to Tel Aviv Senator Bernie Sanders says he would consider moving US embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. Bloomberg: You can't move it back.

For Syrians fleeing Idlib, Turkish border wall becomes symbol of their plight When Hassan Mighlaj's family ran from the bombs battering their village in northwest Syria, they came up against a wall: an imposing gray concrete wall, crowned with barbed wire and spanning the border with Turkey to block their way in.

Coronavirus now spreading faster outside China Italy has become a frontline in the global effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Could studying ancient ink help shed new light on the Dead Sea Scrolls? The study of manuscripts offers scholars a treasure trove of information hidden in plain sight, complementing those presented by the texts themselves.

'We're the hosts there': Erdogan says Turkey won't pull back from Syria's sovereign territory, gives Assad ultimatum to retreat Reiterating his usual rhetoric on Syria, the Turkish leader has ruled out withdrawal from Idlib, where his forces back rebels fighting the government.

Iran says 12 dead from new virus, rejects higher death toll Iran's government said Monday that 12 people had died nationwide from the new coronavirus, rejecting claims of a much higher death toll by a lawmaker from the city of Qom that has been at the epicenter of the virus in the country.

Netanyahu meets with dozens of new Ethiopian immigrants Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday with a group of 40 newly arrived Falash Mura who landed in Israel on Monday, one week before national elections.

Israel Mourns Death of a Modern Pharaoh Netanyahu remembers Mubarak as pragmatic, strong-handed leader, but many Egyptians saw him as a tyrant.