Monday, April 02, 2018


Barley Harvested in Preparation for Third Temple Wave Offering [PHOTO/VIDEO SPREAD] As Passover ended on Saturday night, dozens of men, women, and children went out to the fields to harvest barley, not as a reenactment, but as a real Temple-related Passover ceremony.

Russian spy: Sergei Lavrov accuses West of 'children's games' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the UK and Western partners of playing "children's games" in their response to the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Netanyahu: 16,250 migrants to resettle in 'developed countries,' rest will stay PM says 'political difficulties' prevented intended deportation to Uganda and Rwanda, brought about new deal with UN; vows to rehabilitate south Tel Aviv.

Erdogan tells Netanyahu he's 'weak' and a 'terrorist' In latest volley in the vitriolic rally exchanged by Erdogan and Netanyahu over IDF's handling of Gaza border unrest, which the Turkish leader was quick to describe as 'inhumane', prompting a response from the Israeli PM.

Can the IDF stop Hamas' human battering-ram from reaching Judea and Samaria? Friday's mass Palestinian assault on the Gaza-Israel border, successfully pushed back by the IDF, was the first round of Hamas' latest tactic for fighting Israel.

Disparate US-Saudi exit-Syria paths set to converge in Baghdad US President Trump's intended pullout from Syria would dump a heavy burden on the Saudis.

New Book Exposes Depth of Anti-Israel Hate on American Campuses About six months after Andrew Pessin posted on his Facebook profile a defense of Israel during its 2014 war against Hamas, the once popular Connecticut College philosophy professor was subjected to an academic smear campaign.

Egypt's SISI Wins 97 Percent in Election With No Real Opposition The election featured only one other candidate - himself an ardent Sisi supporter - after all serious opposition contenders halted their campaigns in January.

Arab Media: Dozens of Settlers Stormed Al Aqsa Mosque In an Arab media linguistic culture in which every Jew is a settler and every Jewish visit to the Temple Mount is an attack, the Ma'an news agency's top headline on Sunday morning alerted its readers: "Settlers break into Al Aqsa Square."

'Rise Nineveh': Christians in Iraq Celebrate Assyrian New Year and Easter The Easter holiday and Palm Sunday celebrations across Nineveh and in Mosul and Duhok seem to show a drive for reconstruction and energy being put in to the post-ISIS future.