Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 Lebanon, Israel begin landmark maritime border talks Despite being technically at war with Israel, the 'historic' talks offer Lebanon a economic life-line.

Hezbollah, Amal criticize Lebanon team for border talks with Israel Formally still at war after decades of conflict, Lebanon and Israel agreed to launch talks via US mediation over a maritime border running through potentially gas-rich Mediterranean waters.

Saudi Arabia presides over G-20 interfaith forum Saudi Arabia is presiding over a virtual global interfaith forum with participation from Muslim clerics, Jewish rabbis, Christian priests and others religious figures.

Vibes in the Middle East In the movie, the WWII commandos evade the enemy, scale the mountain, enter the fortress, plant the explosives designed to wreck the guns used against Allied forces and escape to a safe place to watch the effects.

Report: France Considers Alternatives to Two-State Solution A recent report cites senior French diplomats as saying that the Trump-negotiated Abraham Accords have changed the political reality in the Middle East, opening up the possibility of a negotiated reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians that does not necessarily require the creation of an independent Palestinian entity inside Israel.

Pompeo urges Saudi Arabia to consider normalizing relations with Israel The United States is trying to persuade more Gulf countries to strike accords with Israel, as the UAE and Bahrain did.

8 tenets of the New World Order revealed – and every one of them is on the ballot Nov. 3 The term “New World Order” has become ubiquitous among elitist members of the political class but what would a newly ordered, totally transformed society as proposed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually look like?

Why Palestinians Will Not Accept Advice from Arabs Palestinian leaders are continuing to act not only against the advice of [former Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak and other Arabs, but also against the interests of their own people.

MI5 boss says Russian and Chinese threats to UK 'growing in severity' MI5’s new boss has said the spy threats posed by China and Russia to the UK are “growing in severity and complexity” while the terrorist threat from Isis and the far right “persists at scale”.

Why the Left Hates Religion Americans remain the most religious people in the industrialized world: 87% believe in God, two-thirds say they’re Christians, and 45% attend religious services at least once a month (23% weekly).