Monday, June 01, 2015


Iran Cartoons: Israel is Behind ISIS Iran recently hosted a competition in which participants were tasked with drawing political cartoons with a negative view of ISIS and other Sunni terror groups.

Kindergarten students in east Jerusalem act out IDF murdering Palestinian Incident under investigation by the education ministry.

Russian military jets and US destroyer clash in Black Sea 'posing danger to stability' Russia has scrambled military jets in response to an American navy destroyer which, it has been reported in Russian media, was acting "aggressively" in the Black Sea.

ErdoÄŸan: 'Liberate Jerusalem' from the Jews Turkish President continues trend of drawing parallels to historic Muslim conquerers as elections spell losses for AK Party.

Islamic State militants 'filmed torturing Syrian boy' A graphic mobile phone video obtained by the BBC appears to show militants from Islamic State (IS) torturing a 14-year-old Syrian boy.

Russia unlikely to drop support of Assad regime Russia supports the Syrian regime, though Nikolay Kozhanov of the Carnegie Moscow Center says that "Russia does not trust Assad 100 percent."

Ambassador Bolton Says Israel Must Strike Iran Soon Clock running out as Iran marches to nuclear arsenal with 'legitimization' of deal, which is part of Obama's 'wrong ideology.'

Turks think Israel is their biggest threat, poll finds Respondents put danger level from the US just behind Israel, but ahead of Syria; 85% see IS as a terror group.

Pope Francis and the 'Angel of Peace' Scandal A scandal recently erupted after media reports such as that by BBC's David Willey quoted Pope Francis as telling Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas during their meeting on May 16: "You are an angel of peace."

Ireland hopes same-sex vote will inspire others Ireland is hoping that other EU countries will be inspired by its landmark referendum in favour of enshrining same-sex marriage in the country's constitution.