Monday, December 30, 2013


Netanyahu: Israel's security, Palestinian demilitarization are necessary conditions for peace The prime minister vows to bring any accord to a referendum; Bennett mocks Livni: Israel should make peace with aliens instead.

DHS insider gives final warning One of the questions oft asked in alternative news circles is why, if elements within the U.S. government intend to collapse our economy and implement martial law, no one within these circles has spoken out.

Israeli population surpasses 8 million Population grows by 147,000 in 2013, including 19,200 immigrants from around the world.

Jordan Valley sovereignty bill sparks political storm Likud MK Miri Regev's proposed bill to apply Israeli law in Jewish areas of the Jordan Valley is approved by Ministerial Committee on Legislation.

Suicide bombing in Russia highlights Olympics security The deaths of at least 16 people in a suicide bombing in southern Russia on Sunday fit a pattern of recent terror attacks and increased the focus on already-heavy security for the Sochi Olympics in six weeks, U.S. scholars of Russia say.

MIT Head Rejects ASA's Boycott of Israel The head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has expressed opposition towards the academic boycott of Israel that is being promoted by the American Studies Association (ASA), the Israel Hayom daily newspaper reported on Sunday.

Anti-Semitism seen driving massive rise in French aliyah 19,200 new immigrants came to Israel in 2013, with marked increases from Western Europe, but a decline from UK, US.

Iraqi police dismantle Sunni protest in west Iraqi police took down tents and cleared a Sunni sit-in in a flashpoint western city after protesters there agreed to end their months-long demonstration following talks with the Shiite-led government, an official said Monday.

Ya'alon: EU boycott preferable to rockets on Ben-Gurion Airport Defense minister says "wide-eyed and naive people in the West" err in pressuring Israel that "peace must happen immediately."

Rouhani optimistic as talks on Iran nuke deal resume Experts from P5+1 and Iran meet in Geneva after recent disagreements over implementation of November 24 agreement.