Saturday, March 07, 2015


* US general: Iran's role worries anti-IS coalition The US military's top officer said Friday Iran is bolstering the firepower of Shiite militias in Iraq but it remains unclear if Tehran is a help or a hindrance to the fight against Islamic State group jihadists.

* Syrian envoy to UN says Assad is here to stay The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations said it was time for the US and world powers to accept that President Bashar al-Assad was here to stay and to stop strategizing to get him removed from power.

* Israel uses military expertise to join commercial space race Using the expertise of a defence industry that created technology such as the "Iron Dome" missile interceptor, Israel plans to move beyond its current focus on spy and military communications satellites into producing civilian devices, some small enough to fit in your hand.

* Jews Dress Up as Arabs to Enter Temple Mount A group of Temple Mount activists were spotted dressed up as Arabs on Friday in order to be able to enter the compound.

* Russian combat jets conduct 'mock' attack runs on NATO warships RUSSIA says it has been conducting mock "attack runs" on NATO warships in the Black Sea as reports emerge of commercial airliners having to "dodge" prowling Russian bombers.

* Islamic state 'demolish' ancient Hatra site in Iraq Islamic State militants have destroyed ruins at the ancient city of Hatra, Iraqi officials say.

* Ukraine crisis: Rebels 'pull heavy weapons' from front line Pro-Russia rebels in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, says they have "fully removed" heavy weapons from the front line, as agreed in a ceasefire deal.

* 'Jew, Jew, Jew... Run': Social experiment suggests rising UK anti-Semitism A social experiment designed to gauge levels of anti-Semitism in Britain turned up some shocking results.

* Rebbe: Gays deserve no rights, just like murderers A prominent American Hasidic rabbi says the LGBT community is not entitled to equal rights, just like it would be unthinkable for murderers to unite and demand rights regarding their violent tendencies.

* Hillary's War Just three weeks ago, gloating ISIS terrorists beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on a Libyan beach. The Catholic Church proclaimed them "martyrs."