Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Israel to install its own cyber defenses on F-35 jets  IAF seeking approval to increase number of jets from 33 to 50, with a view of eventually having 75 aircraft. 

Liberman: F-35 stealth will increase Israelss deterrence  First Israeli F-35 jet rolled out out at Lockheed Martin production plant in Texas; IAF Chief of Staff: Flying the simulator, I felt I had ‚Äòthe future in my hands. 

Putin: Russia will respond to 'aggressive NATO rhetoric'  Russia will take adequate measures to counter NATO's increasingly "aggressive rhetoric," President Vladimir Putin told MPs at the closing session of the State Duma. He called to create an international security system open to all countries. 

Israel eyes law to remove online content inciting terrorism  Lawmakers move to formulate legislation enabling them to order websites to remove content of incitement to violence; Justice Minister Shaked: 'We will focus on removing terrorist content.' 

Saudis, Gulf states could all become nuclear threshold states, former PMO official says  Syria jihadi expert: The project of Islamic State building a state structure is a failure, which could lead to members going back to al-Qaida. 

EU referendum: Final push for votes on last day of campaign  Politicians have been making their last pitch for votes on the final day of campaigning before the EU referendum. 

Iranian navy announces 20 military drills over coming months  Tehran boasts of defense capabilities ‚Äòso high that no enemy would dare invade‚Äô its territorial waters. 

Mazel Tov! Israel Declares National Holiday Honoring Immigrants  New immigrants from USA and Canada salute and hold up Israeli flags as they arrive in a special 'Soldier Aliyah Flight 2013' on behalf of the Jewish Agency and the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization, at Ben Gurion airport in central Israel, on August 13, 2013.