Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Putin mends broken relations with Turkey's Erdogan  The leaders of Russia and Turkey have patched up a damaging quarrel, pledging to restore close economic relations. 

Israel's let-down: Putin-Erdogan hook-up with Iran  The talks between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Reccep Erdogen in St. Petersburg scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 9, are causing trepidation among Israel's policy-makers and military leaders. 

Islamic Jihad calls to escalate intifada and boycott Palestinian elections  "Resistance" rather than municipal elections will achieve the Palestinians' national goal of liberation, group argues. 

Palestinian Authority mulls establishing own Jerusalem municipal council  Would be first major PA presence since Orient House was removed in 2001. 

Palestinian Group: Vote For Us, We Killed More Israelis!  Ahead of a critical municipal election, the political party of 'moderate' Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is soliciting support based on its prolific violence against Israelis. 

No entry to Jordan if you look Jewish  Israeli tourists looking to go pray at Aaron's tomb in Jordan turned back because they were wearing Yarmulkes and carried prayer shawls. 

UN envoy concerned over World Vision funding Hamas  UN envoy expresses concerns over World Vision's transfer of funds to Hamas, but also calls for fair trial for Muhammad Halabi. 

Raising Christian money for Jewish causes, star rabbi earns praise and scorn  Yechiel Eckstein is a great hit with Evangelicals, but acceptance in Orthodox circles has been a far bumpier road.