Saturday, June 09, 2012


* The capture of Jerusalem, as never seen before In May 1967, Yossi Shemy, a trombone-playing paratrooper from Kibbutz Bet Zera, was called up to reserves.

* Muslim Cleric: Jerusalem to be Capital of Egypt Under Mursi Rule If Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi were to become president, Egypt̢۪s capital would no longer be Cairo, but would be Jerusalem.

* Russia: We won't oppose Assad's departure in Syria Russia will not oppose the departure of Syria's President Bashar Assad if such a move is a result of a dialogue between Syrians themselves.

* 'Fatah has secret bank account in Jordan' Yasser Arafat's former financial advisor, Mohammed Rashid, revealed over the weekend that Fatah has a secret bank account in Jordan with $39 million.

* Dazzling nights in the Old City The Jerusalem Festival of Light is in its fourth year, and what makes it continue to work is its location in the Old City.

* Syria conflict: 'Deadly shelling' hits Deraa The Syrian army has killed at least 17 people, including women, during fighting in the southern restive town of Deraa, activists say.

* Iranian general: Our finger on war trigger With Western pressure growing on Bashar Assad over the latest massacres of defenseless women and children in Syria, Iranian officials again are warning the world against any action against the Middle East dictator.

* Israel Allies to US: Recognize Jerusalem as Undivided Capital Members of the International Israel Allies Caucus Foundation met in Washington, D.C., this week.

* US Puts $33m Bounty on al-Shabaab Leaders The United States is offering millions of dollars in rewards for information leading to the capture of leaders of the Somali militant group al-Shabab.

* China to carry out manned space flight China has announced it will carry out a manned space flight at some point in the middle of June.