Tuesday, November 11, 2014


WATCH: Netanyahu urges world powers not to rush into a deal that would give Iran nukes PM addresses world in a Youtube video; also sends letter to world leaders with same message.

Background: Arafat's legacy lives on 10 years after his death This year's anniversary comes amid increased tensions between Israel and Hamas, along with Palestinian infighting between Fatah and Hamas.

Netanyahu Outlines Crackdown on Terror Throughout Israel PM says terrorists 'trying to uproot us from the country,' while Abbas 'stirs tension', urges Israeli Arabs not to join in the violence.

Hamas Second-Richest Terror Group Worldwide Forbes study shows Hamas only second to ISIS for terror income - and that most of the money is from foreign aid and NGOs.
Abbas: We won't let Israeli extremists 'contaminate' Temple Mount; warns of global 'religious war' PA president says Palestinians want all the Jerusalem, West Bank territory captured in 1967; al-Aqsa rioters have 'right to defend themselves'; slams Hamas for 'destroying' unity.

'Lost Gospel' claims Jesus had a wife and children "Gathering dust in the British Library is a document that takes us into the missing years of Jesus' life," the book states.

Liberman: Abbas is more dangerous than Arafat Foreign minister says Abbas a "Jew-hater who believes and promotes terror" like Arafat, but is better at "hiding his true face."

Yehuda Glick Calls Knesset Speaker, Finally Breathing on His Own Shot Temple Mount activist calls Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to break news that he has been taken off respirator in stunning recovery.

It's time for a Latvian discussion on gay rights An unusual sight appears to anyone browsing Latvian media outlets in the last couple of days: All major publications and news sites are full of stories touching on the theme of homosexuality and gay rights.

Islamic state crisis: US troops sent into Iraq's Anbar The US has deployed 50 troops to an air base in Iraq's troubled Anbar province to help in the fight against Islamic State (IS).