Saturday, May 12, 2012


* MEK: Tehran accelerating its nuclear program 'Jerusalem Post' obtains Iran opposition report, outlining various offices, companies, individuals working on Iran's nuke program.

* 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Israel 5.3 earthquake felt in areas from northern Israel to central Israel. No injuries. Epicenter believed to be in Cyprus.

* Obama Adds Definition Of Marriage To Presidential Debate After hesitating, Barack Obama gave his blessing to gay marriage. The polarized electorate just got more so.

* Egypt's Candidates Say They'll Review Peace Treaty with Israel Egypt's top presidential contenders promise to review the peace treaty Egypt signed with Israel in 1979 if elected.

* Talks ongoing to end Palestinian hunger strike, officials say Palestinian officials says Egypt is trying to mediate between hunger strikers and Israel; some 1,600 Palestinian prisoners are currently refusing to eat.

* EU central bankers ponder Greece euro exit Europe central bankers have been openly expressing views on the possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone as its leaders struggles to form a government.

* China denies preparing war over South China Sea shoal China has denied reports its military forces are preparing for war amid tensions over a disputed territory in the South China Sea.

* Nasrallah: Hezbollah able to strike anywhere in Israel Amid rising tensions between Israel and Iran, Hezbollah chief claims Lebanese militant group is capable of striking any target in Israel, including Tel Aviv.

* Syria violence kills eight even as UN mission grows Violence in Syria cost at least eight lives on Saturday even as a UN force to oversee a truce neared half its planned strength, monitors said, while an Islamist group claimed deadly blasts in Damascus.

* Iraq's Kurds deny hosting Mossad The government of Iraq's Kurdish region fired back on Saturday over allegations by Iranian diplomats and officials that Kurdistan was playing host to Israeli intelligence.