Thursday, August 24, 2017


Putin's approval rating at 83% in August  According to a recent poll, Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating stood at 83 percent in mid-August, while the number of people who approve of the State Duma's work dropped to under 50 percent. 

North Korea 'accidentally reveals' plans for new missiles  North Korea appears to have revealed details of two as-yet untested missile systems in its press coverage of a factory inspection by the country's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. 

Police bar Palestinian textbooks from Temple Mount school  Students reportedly not allowed to reach school on holy site while carrying books; police spokesperson says materials banned over 'incitement' fears. 

Trump admin prepares transgender military ban  One month after pledging to reimpose ban keeping transgender people out of armed forces, Trump sets 6-month deadline for implementation. 

How Serious Are Iranian Nuclear Threats?  The country has said it would be able to start enriching uranium within five days of a dissolution of the landmark nuclear deal. 

North Korea Shipments To Syria Chemical Arms Agency Intercepted  A panel of independent UN experts reported that two shipments were intercepted in the past six months. 

70 Christian Media Outlets Will Convene for First Jerusalem Summit  Around 70 Christian media outlets are scheduled to convene in Jerusalem this fall for a first-of-its-kind Christian media summit. 

Glick to MKs: Respect the sanctity of the Temple Mount  MK Yehuda Glick writes open letter to fellow MKs, Jewish and Arab, to conduct themselves with dignity when allowed onto the Temple Mount. 

'Anyone who shouts Allahu Akbar will be shot'  Venice mayor promises: 'We'll send them directly to Allah; if someone runs in St. Mark's Square screaming 'Allahu Akbar' we'll shoot him'.