Wednesday, February 10, 2016


VIDEO: Revealing the Buried Treasures of the Temple Mount  For years, Muslim authorities carrying out illegal construction projects atop the Temple Mount have unceremoniously dumped tons of earth and debris containing treasures of Jewish history outside the Old City walls. 

Turkish soldiers clash with Kurdish militants crossing from Syria  One Turkish soldier was killed and another wounded when security forces clashed with Kurdish militants crossing over from Syria, the army said on Wednesday, hours after Ankara summoned the U.S. ambassador over Washington's support for Syrian Kurds. 

Scant hope of Syria peace breakthrough as Russia pounds rebels  Major powers meeting in Germany on Thursday aim to revive Syria peace efforts, but with Russia backing a government push for a military victory, opposition delegates and Western officials see little hope of a diplomatic breakthrough. 

In Latest Blood Libel, US Prof Accuses Israel of Harvesting Arab Organs, Assassinating Teenagers  Vassar College in upstate New York is once again in the news as a hotbed of anti-Semitism, as a professor accused Israel of assassinating teens, harvesting organs and stunting Palestinians' growth, Israel National News reported Tuesday. 

Watch: Hamas video clip calls to 'roast' Jewish flesh  Some cultures dream of peace and love. Hamas dreams of flying body parts, as this video shows. 

Fatah, Hamas reportedly make progress in reconciliation; PA nods toward unity gov't  The Fatah and Hamas negotiators, who have been holding discussions in Doha since Sunday, announced that they have reached agreement on a 'limited practical perception.' 

Turkey's Erdogan denounces US support for Syrian Kurds  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at the US over its support for Syria's main Kurdish group. 

Netanyahu unveils plan to 'surround entire state with a fence'  Threat from 'predatory animals' in neighboring countries necessitates sophisticated barriers, says PM. 

Iran to upgrade missiles, get Russian defense system: minister  Iran will unveil an upgrade of its Emad ballistic missiles this year, the defense minister was quoted as saying, advancing a program that has drawn criticism from the United Nations and sanctions from the United States. 

ISIS leaders remain in close contact with Ankara - Lavrov  The leaders of Islamic State maintain a constant liaison with the Turkish government, working out a new approach to the war in Syria as the Russian Air Force cuts off traditional smuggling routes, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.