Monday, April 09, 2012


* Israel: Iran Claims Validate Nuclear Threat Israeli officials say an Iranian lawmakers claims Tehran could build a nuclear bomb proved something is rotten in Tehran
* This Week in History: Toppling Saddam Hussein The dramatic scene of knocking down one of hundreds of statues of the dictator, turned out to be not much more than an opportune media event.
* Mofaz: Give the Palestinians 100% of Yesha Kadima head Shaul Mofaz says he will give the PA 100% of its territorial demands if he is elected Prime Minister.
* Top Iran army official: No country would dare strike us Comment by head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' ground forces comes despite comments by Iran's nuclear chief, who hinted at possible compromise ahead of talks with West.
* Abbas to Netanyahu: Respond favorably to Palestinian peace plan or we return to UN Abbas gave the PM a month to respond to the Palestinian positions, which will be laid out in a letter to be delivered to Netanyahu next Wednesday during a Jerusalem meeting with Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad.
* Thousands attend priestly blessing at Kotel Chief rabbis address worshipers at ceremony held at Western Wall in the intermediate days of Passover and Sukkot.
* PM is most popular Israeli politician on Facebook Netanyahu's personal page on the social network passes 200,000 fans, ahead of Yair Lapid, Tzipi Livni, Shelly Yacimovich.
* North Korea moves rocket into place for launch North Korea has moved into place a long-range rocket for a controversial launch later this month - amid reports it is also planning a nuclear test.
* US Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Gulf The U.S. Navy said Monday it has deployed a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf region amid rising tensions with Iran over its disputed nuclear program.
* Syria peace plan in jeopardy as clashes rage A peace plan for Syria was in jeopardy on Monday as fresh clashes raged after President Bashar al-Assad's government laid down conditions for it to pull troops and armour out of protest hubs.