Thursday, July 22, 2021


 Should Jews Pray on the Temple Mount? When Israel came into the possession of the Old City of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan decided that in order to minimize friction with Arabs on the Temple Mount, Jewish visitors would be prohibited from saying prayers at the holiest site in Judaism.

Politics foil replacing hazardous bridge to Jerusalem site A rickety bridge allowing access to Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site is at risk of collapse, according to experts.

The IDF cannot let Lebanon become like Gaza - analysis Will the residents of Israel’s North live under “tiftufim” and infiltrations?

PA to Europe: Boycott the 'settlements' Senior Fatah official calls on European governments to ban commercial dealings with the "settlements".

100,000 worshipers gather on Temple Mount to celebrate Eid al-Adha Muslims participate in mass prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque after last year's scaled-down event due to the pandemic.

Putin steps away from deal with Netanyahu for a blind eye on Syria air strikes Moscow was seen taking a radical new course on Israel’s air strikes over Syria after the raid near Aleppo early Tuesday, July 20.

Jews Gaslighting Jews: A Primer A recent poll purports to capture the attitudes of American Jews regarding Israel and politics.

Israel to join African Union as observer after being kept out for 2 decades Jerusalem makes major stride in its burgeoning ties with the continent; ‘this is a day of celebration for Israel-Africa relations,’ says Foreign Minister Lapid.

Viktor Orban’s LGBTQ referendum could spell the end of Hungary’s membership of the EU, or the end of his premiership Brussels and Budapest are betting big in this high-stakes political poker game. The clash between conservative East and liberal West is coming to a head in what could be another blow against the EU's dream of ‘ever closer union.’

Society is right on track for a global collapse, new study of infamous 1970s report finds A steep downturn in human population and quality of life could be coming in the 2040s, the report finds.