Thursday, June 13, 2019


Key events raising tensions in the Persian Gulf Tensions between the United States and Iran have soared in recent weeks, with Washington dispatching warships and bombers around the Persian Gulf, and Tehran threatening to resume higher uranium enrichment.

Gulf of Oman incident and Iran's dangerous game - Analysis Four tankers off the UAE port of Fujairah had been struck on May 12, a month before the incident on June 13. The most recent incident is much more serious. The US navy has been sent to assist.

EU calls for 'maximum restraint' after Gulf of Oman incident The European Union (EU) called for "maximum restraint" to avoid escalation after two tankers were reportedly attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, forcing their crews to evacuate the vessels.

EU slams Turkey in its annual report // Saudi Arabia's Emergency Arab Summit  In its annual report on Turkey, the European Union says the country is 'backsliding' on a number of legal and economic fronts.

Did the US Ambassador Misspeak or Was He Hinting at a Trump Plan for Israel to Annex Judea and Samaria? Though there are currently almost half-a-million Jews living in Judea and Samaria (excluding Jerusalem), Israel has never annexed the areas.

The Six-Day War and the Israeli Dream The Six-Day War was a decisive turning point in the Zionist enterprise.

Turkey to get Russian S-400 missile system 'in July' amid row over US jets Turkey's President Erdogan says he hopes a Russian missile system that Washington sees as a threat to US jets will be delivered in July.

Boris Johnson has one foot in No10 after landslide victory in Tory leadership election as Leadsom, McVey and Harper are Out The Brexiteer big beast won more than twice as many votes as nearest rival Jeremy Hunt - with Michael Gove and Dominic Raab trailing behind.

Macron's EU ambitions slipping away after top ally's bizarre rant Emmanuel Macron's EU ambitions were dealt a huge blow this week after his party's leader in Brussels unceremoniously alienated practically all her allies with a bizarre rant.

Leaked documents reveal Russian effort to exert influence in Africa Russia is seeking to bolster its presence in at least 13 countries across Africa by building relations with existing rulers, striking military deals, and grooming a new generation of "leaders" and undercover "agents", leaked documents reveal.