Thursday, December 17, 2015


* Demise of the Palestinian Authority is only a matter of time - The fact that hundreds of Palestinians are willing to die in order to kill Jews can’t be fully explained by either Abbas’s narrative (occupation) or Netanyahu’s (incitement).

* In new 'Star Wars,' echoes of famous films, including Nazi propaganda - Director JJ Abrams ‘doubles down on the latent Nazi imagery awarded to the Empire,’ notes one critic.

* Jordanian air force pilots pay "working visit" to Israel - Amman’s military ties with Israel come under scrutiny after one airman refuses to join delegation, is booted from the service.

* Saudi Arabia's war of independence - Their disappointment with Obama has led the Saudis to adopt a sophisticated and aggressive strategy.

* Defense experts: Israel blameless in Gaza War - High Level Military Group says IDF "exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations' armies."

* Sovereignty fears cloud EU refugee crisis debate over new border guard plan - European Union leaders were gathering Thursday for a potentially divisive debate amid a migration crisis on whether to create a new border guard with powers to unilaterally deploy to countries unable to manage their borders.

* Putin pours fresh scorn on Turkey for downing Russian jet - Russian President Vladimir Putin has used crude language in a furious new attack on Turkey over the shooting down of a Russian combat jet last month.

* Fatah students celebrate Christmas - and murder - Fatah student movement unveils "martyrs tree" decorated with picture of terrorist murderer of 2, together with senior arch-terrorists.

* Israel ranked 18th best country in the world - The UN's Human Development Index has ranked Israel in 18th place for its list of the best countries in the world to live.

* Migrant crisis dominates as EU holds final summit of 2015 - EU leaders are gathering in Brussels for an end-of-year summit focused on tackling Europe's migrant crisis.