Thursday, January 17, 2013


* Algeria says military operation to free hostages 'over' The military operation to free hostages at a desert gas plant is now over.

* 'Inspiring' Hitler Apps Featured on Android Google Play Google's app store for Android cell phone products is offering at least half a dozen free and paid apps featuring information for those who seek the "inspiration" of former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

* 'Iran to deploy warships to Mediterranean Sea' Naval commander says fleet is to patrol the Mediterranean sea in an attempt to defend against "threats to Islamic Republic."

* US says Morsi backtrack on anti-Semitic remarks lacking The Obama administration said Thursday that a statement issued by the Egyptian presidency is welcome but not enough to ease concerns about anti-Jewish and anti-Israel comments.

* Hamas says no unity with Fatah without armed wing Hamas will not agree to dismantle the Al-Qassam Brigades as part of a reconciliation deal with rival movement Fatah.

* Israel dismantles E1 Palestinian outpost, activists say Israel removed tents in an illegal Palestinian outpost Wednesday night.

* Dead Sea rises for first time in 10 years A test conducted Wednesday revealed that the Dead Sea rose 10 centimeters since its last monthly measurement.

* Red Sea-Dead Sea link feasible, World Bank says It is possible to use the Red Sea to replenish the shrinking Dead Sea, the World Bank has determined after years of studying whether such a connecting lifeline could work.

* EU Places Holocaust Remembrance Day on Official Calendar For the first time since its establishment, the European Union has incorporated International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27, into its official calendar.

* Russia seeks agreement on nuclear talks with Iran Russia says it is working hard to firm up plans for a new round of talks between global powers and Iran over Tehran's nuclear program.