Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Qatar crisis: UAE accused of bankrolling Turkey coup Journalist close to Turkish state claims UAE spent $3bn on plot, as Turkish president calls Saudi-UAE-Bahrain blockade on Qatar 'inhumane'.

Turkey's Erdogan decries Qatar's 'inhumane' isolation Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denounced the isolation of Qatar by several Arab states, describing it as "inhumane and against Islamic values".

Report: Israel Cyberspies Infiltrated ISIS Bomb-Making Unit Israeli hackers infiltrated the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization earlier this year, the New York Times reported on Monday.

Three EU countries say 'no' to Muslims EU mulling legal cases against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic over their refusal to take in Muslim asylum-seekers.

'US blames Iran for terrorism, yet Saudi Arabia supports Islamic State' The blame game against Iran is not new but it is infantile of the US to keep pointing the finger at Iran when everyone knows that it is Saudi Arabia that is behind groups like ISIS, political analyst and commentator Shabbir Hassanally says.

Israel approves largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years Israel has greenlighted plans for over 8,000 new homes in the West Bank, with over a third for "immediate" construction, the defense minister revealed on Sunday, making it the largest expansion of Jewish settlements in the area in 25 years.

Russia protests: Hundreds detained at opposition rallies Hundreds of people have been detained at anti-corruption rallies in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Hamas warns Gaza electricity cut will lead to 'explosion' Terror group's spokesman warns of 'disastrous' results should Israel implement Abbas's request to decrease power to Strip; officials warn of humanitarian catastrophe.

Israeli Study Finds Watching ISIS Videos May Be Hazardous to Your Health Being female, having a lower socioeconomic status and having elevated levels of PTSD symptoms are related to ISIS anxiety.

NUKING ON THE DOOR: North Korea is now 'only one step away' from launching a nuclear missile which can hit America, US expert warns A top expert has claimed North Korea's military is just one step away from launching a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US.

Islamic State applauds murder of "belligerent Christians" in Philippines "Belligerent" because they are opposing the hegemony of Sharia, and hence are kuffar harbi, infidels at war with Islam.

EU Ready to Take Advantage of May's Poor Election Showing Last week's election has left Britain's Prime Minster Theresa May in a weakened position and European officials are ready to use the crisis to undermine May's leadership in the remaining days before the Brexit negotiation begin.

Israel Prepares for Major Earthquake At Sunday's cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an urgent discussion on home front preparations for a major earthquake that is expected to hit Israel in the coming years.