Monday, January 02, 2017


Holy Temple Menorah Service Reenacted On Hanukkah  Hundreds of people gathered in the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday evening to participate in a special menorah lighting ceremony and for the Hanukkah holiday, organized by the Temple Institute and the United Temple Movement. 

Turkey pays dear for Erdogan overreach into Syria  The 'Santa Claus' shooting rampage one hour after midnight, killing 39 New Year revelers and injuring 69 at the Istanbul Reina nightclub, was the first terrorist event of 2017. 

IS conflict: Baghdad suicide car bomb blast kills 35  At least 35 people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack in a busy square in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, security and medical sources say. 

Turkey nightclub attack: IS says it carried out shooting  So-called Islamic State says it was behind the new year attack on a Turkish nightclub that killed 39 people. 

Palestinians Thank UN for Giving Them Permission to Murder Jews  UN Security Council Resolution 2334 was more than just a carefully-orchestrated slap in Israel's face by outgoing-US President Barack Obama. 

Israeli police question PM Netanyahu in corruption probe  Israeli police have arrived at the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as part of an inquiry into corruption allegations. 

Minister Katz: Israel America's Greatest Source of Intelligence  Transport Minister Israel Katz, who is also Minister of Intelligence, told Makor Rishon Friday that "US intelligence chiefs say they are receiving more intelligence from Israel than they do from all the other US allies put together." 

Germany banned version of Qur'an as 'extremist,' but afraid to dispose of copies  The German government‚'s position here is inconsistent. If it is holy, why did they ban it? If it is 'extremist,' and they don't believe it is the real Qur'an, then why not just burn the copies? 

Investor optimism, global economic reality may clash in 2017  The economic outlook for this year looks similar to 2016 - uneven and unspectacular, according to economists worldwide polled by Reuters in December. 

EU legitimacy in question  Referendums are dangerous for the EU. In recent years, almost all popular votes on EU matters ended up with the same answer: No.