Tuesday, November 20, 2018


IDF: A Special Army Preparing for Gog and Magog The IDF represents Israel's multicultural nature but underneath the wrinkled green uniform is a special army preparing for the very special war that precedes the Messianic era.

Poll shows Likud rebounding after ceasefire, coalition crisis Despite criticism over ceasefire with Hamas, Liberman's resignation, Likud remains stable in latest poll with 30 seats.

Is Russia full-on supporting Hamas? While Hamas seeks to further develop regional relations with countries such as Egypt, Iran, Qatar, Turkey and Lebanon in light of the organization's deteriorating ties with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Syria, the Gaza-based group is also making efforts to improve its international relations with Russia, the EU, Malaysia and South Africa.

Selfie-promotion: Putin welcomes Saudi delegation to Russia, in wake of Khashoggi killing After being shunned by many former allies and business partners over the suspected state-ordered murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia received a warm welcome from Russia's President Vladimir Putin, attending a cultural forum in the country's second city, St Petersburg.

Record Number of Tourists Visit Israel in 2018 The new record, set on Friday, comes on the heels of another achievement reached in October - the record all-time month for incoming tourism.

Unprecedented Interfaith Conference Tackles Temple Mount Controversy A conference is set to be held in Jerusalem in two weeks which will for the first time, educate Christians on the importance of the Temple Mount.

Back in the fold: 10 things to know for November 20 Bennett's decision to kiss his threat goodbye leaves him looking like a shmatta while Netanyahu cleans up. But can the prime minister's magic last?

Abortion: The One Issue That Can Make Enemies of Israel and America at the UN Ever since President Donald Trump's election, Israel and the United States have present a strong united front in the halls of the United Nations.

Who Gains from the US Withdrawal from the Nuclear Arms Treaty? Russia has violated not only the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), but, according to former senior White House nuclear arms official Frank Miller, every major arms-control agreement it has signed with the United States.

Beirut asks for Russia's air defense net to cover Lebanon as well as Syria Exclusive: Lebanese President Michel Aoun has asked Moscow to bring Lebanese air space under the protection of the Russian air defense system being deployed in Syria, DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources reveal.