Friday, March 13, 2015


Islamic State conflict: Iraqi forces 'push into Tikrit' Iraqi government forces are advancing into Tikrit on several fronts, forcing Islamic State (IS) militants to fall back to the city centre, officials say.

Iran Deepening Involvement in Iraq's War on ISIS Iraq welcomes Iranian soldiers, advisers on its soil as it fights to liberate Tikrit.

Israeli Army Braced for Attack by Islamic State On alert for attack in Eilat area by IS affiliate.

ISIS spokesperson: We want Paris and Jerusalem In new recording, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani rejects claims group suffering setbacks, vows attacks on White House, Big Ben, and Eiffel Tower.

Major nations hold talks on ending UN sanctions on Iran, officials say US, EU often cite violations of UN sanctions as justification for imposing additional penalties on Iran.

Rev. Graham: Obama, Holder Pushing a 'New Morality That Does Not Include God' -- 'An Anti-Christ Movement'President Barack Obama and his outgoing attorney general, Eric Holder, are, along with "progressives" in government, forcing "a new morality" on the American people, a "morality that does not include God" and which is "an Anti-Christ movement," said Reverend Franklin Graham.

Is ISIS Collapsing or Expanding? Iraq backed by Iran is retaking Tikrit stronghold and repulsing ISIS, even as the group gains alliances in Africa and threatens White House.

US Military Concerned ISIS Fighters Returning to Caribbean Could Reach Border A top US commander warns Caribbean and South American countries are unable to track 100 foreign fighters that could return from Syria.

Islamic State hails Boko Haram allegiance, threatens Jews and Christians In new tape, IS spokesman Adnani announces "good news" of caliphate expansion to West Africa, urges Muslims to join.

Netanyahu warns of "real danger: he won't be re-elected Likud leader claims "foreign governments" seeking to oust him; Herzog says he's ready to be PM; Lapid: March 17 must be Netanyahu's last day in power.