Thursday, July 23, 2020


Al-Aqsa director: The site will remain Islamic Director of Al-Aqsa Mosque says that the Muslim residents of Jerusalem will fight to maintain the city's integrity.

Israel: IDF sends reinforcements to northern border amid tensions with Hezbollah Hezbollah said to be expected to retaliate, but mindful of its reputation amid crisis rocking Lebanon.

How might Hezbollah retaliate against Israel? Over the last several days Hezbollah supporters have put up hundreds of social media posts vowing revenge.

Iran's Sprint to the Bomb It cannot... be a surprise that Iran is still sprinting toward deliverable nuclear weapons with the very uranium enrichment technology permitted by the 2015 agreement.

French Jews leaving for Israel: “Anti-Semitism is increasing and France is surrendering to jihad” The World Zionist Organization (WZO) is “working on a plan to bring hundreds of thousands of French Jews to Israel.” The population of Jews in France is roughly 453,000.

Turkey's decision to remove Hagia Sophia's universal status is a new provocation of Europe A controversial decision by a top Turkish court on July 10 revoked the status of Istanbul's 6th century iconic cathedral, the Hagia Sophia (or Sancta Sapientia), turning the building from a museum into a mosque.

Prayers at Hagia Sophia will crown decades-long Muslim campaign When Yunus Genc prays at Hagia Sophia on Friday it will mark the triumphant culmination of decades-long efforts by Islamist-rooted groups like his to convert the ancient monument, revered by both Christians and Muslims, to a mosque.

Egypt's Military Is Likely Headed Into Libya (And Turkey Is to Blame) Egypt is preparing to deploy its army outside its borders for the first time in almost 30 years.

Macron seeks EU sanctions over Turkish 'violations' in Greek waters French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday demanded EU sanctions against Turkey for “violations” of Greek and Cypriot waters and said the European Union should act over the crisis in Libya.

Iran Seeks Deals with Russia and China To Build Coalition to Resist U.S. Iran is seeking to extend a 20-year deal with Russia at the same time that the Islamic Republic negotiates a quarter-century agreement with China, signaling a new push to establish an international coalition against U.S. economic and political pressure.