Saturday, January 14, 2017


Bombs or missiles - Which way should the IDF go?  A debate is raging within the IDF whether to build up an arsenal of mid-range rockets, which would give Israel a strategic alternative to air strikes. 

What Will Trump Mean for US Ties With Israel's Peaceful Arab Neighbors?  The incoming Donald Trump presidency likely means a sharp break from President Barack Obama's foreign policy.

Israeli media defects show thru Bibi's cigar smoke  The torrent of alleged misdemeanors pouring out day after day against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, across the front pages and prime-time news broadcasts of Israel's mainstream media, this week developed a new angle: Predictions from the same quarters of a summer election. 

Abbas Meets Pope, Warns Against Us Embassy Move To Jerusalem  Trump's promise to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would upend decades of US policy. 

No Peace in Paris  The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a problem that is going to disappear with a wave of a magic wand weaved by the world's politicians. 

The morning after Trump's inauguration  Come January 20, working with a Republican president for the first time in his 10 years in office, Benjamin Netanyahu may finally have to decide where he really stands on a two-state solution. 

Chinese leader meets Davos elite as voters revolt  China's president will preach the advent of a new world order in Davos next week before the high priests of globalisation, who are facing an uprising from voters against their orthodoxy of open markets and borders. 

Poland welcomes US troops amid rising tensions with Russia  "We have waited for you for a very long time," defense minister says 23 years after the last Soviet troops left Polish land. 

Syria calls on UN to 'punish' Israel over airport attack  Israel reportedly fired missiles overnight at weapons depot on edge of Damascus. 

Turkish MPs approve 2 constitutional amendments to enhance president's powers  Turkey's Parliament has approved two constitutional amendments giving more powers to the president, who will now be able to sponsor new legislation and appoint the cabinet, local media report.