Friday, April 26, 2013


* Iran, not Israel, faces an existential threat, says top US analyst Iran, not Israel, faces an existential threat, according to a top US analyst who is considered one of the world's leading scholars on the Iranian nuclear issue.

* 'Action on Syria red line sends message to Iran' Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin warned Friday that a failure by the international community to act against Syria for using chemical weapons would show Iran that the US does not act when its "red lines" are crossed.

* Military grooms new officers for war in cyberspace The U.S. service academies are ramping up efforts to groom a new breed of cyberspace warriors to confront increasing threats to the nation's military and civilian computer networks.

* Diaspora Affairs: 'We are ready to fight' Eduard Dolinsky has a youthful face and composed expression that belie his intense responsibilities.

* 'Lebanese army ups presence on Israel border' The Lebanese Armed Forces and UNIFIL troops have increased their observation activities on the Israel-Lebanon border.

* Shoshanna Hararri: From Cabin Fever to Aliyah Fever! Musician, author, artist and natural healer. Meet Shoshanna Hararri. Once a carefree wanderer going from place to place, seeking to find the ultimate location on Earth to enjoy a serene romantic life of simplicity and contentment.

* IDF breaks up Palestinian march on settlement IDF soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse about 500 Palestinian villagers marching toward a Jewish settlement outpost in the West Bank.

* US officials: Canada terror suspect traveled to Iran Investigators believe one of two suspects charged in Canada with plotting to blow up a railroad track carrying passenger trains traveled to Iran within the past two years.

* Egypt's Pope says Islamist rulers neglect Copts Egypt's Christians feel sidelined, ignored and neglected by Muslim Brotherhood-led authorities, who proffer assurances but have taken little or no action to protect them from violence.

* Earth's core far hotter than thought The solid iron core is actually crystalline, surrounded by liquid.