Thursday, September 26, 2019


Will US, Iranian miscalculation bring war? In the escalating, multi-dimensional conflict between Washington and Tehran, the growing risk of armed conflict centers around the same danger that plagues international relations in general: miscalculation.

No Peace in the Middle East until U.S. Troops leave, Iran's President tells UN General Assembly Regional stability in the Middle East cannot be achieved while U.S. troops are still deployed there, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Police officer injured in stabbing attack near Temple Mount The medic who offered first aid to the injured officer said she suffers from a light injury in her hand and is fully responsive.

Israel to Russia: Iran must withdraw from Syria Israeli FM Yisrael Katz meets Russian FM Sergey Lavrov at UN, discuss how to restore stability to Middle East.

Russia's Eastern Mediterranean Strategy Explained - Analysis For its decisive military support to Assad, Russia has been rewarded with military facilities in Syria that are crucial for logistics and from which it can project power into the Middle East.

Denying Jerusalem's Jewish History Despite Archaeological Evidence As has been true with previous archaeological discoveries in Israel, however, this one is unlikely to put a dent in the long-term international campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state by rewriting and distorting its history.

A First Since Days of Noah: Animal Sacrifice to Restore God's Covenant The Conference of the Organization of the 70 Nations hosted a ceremony on Thursday whereby an animal sacrifice was offered on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. The objective - to renew the covenant made between God and all of mankind.

BDS Fail: Israel Inbound Tourism Numbers Soar to [Another] New Record Another year, another record. Inbound tourist arrivals for Israel over the past 12 months were expected to reach 4.6 million by the end of next week, setting a new record and building on a similar boom recorded in 2018, the Tourism Ministry said Thursday.

Breathing space for Boris Johnson as Brussels rejects Brexit deadline set by Emmanuel Macron Brussels has declined to endorse a Brexit deadline set by Emmanuel Macron for next week, potentially giving Boris Johnson more breathing space in talks.

Mosque, Synagogue and Church being Built Together in Abu Dhabi Tensions are still high in the Middle East, but there is hope: Plans have just been unveiled for a new massive interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi, encompassing a mosque, a church and a synagogue.