Saturday, June 25, 2016


Living in a post-American Middle East  The Netanyahu government is diversifying its foreign ties and building new independent capabilities, but critics warn that giving up on the US could leave Israel seriously weakened. 

Top Rabbi Joins Growing List of Pro-Temple Politicians Israel's Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau joined a growing list of Israeli politicians who are calling for the Third Temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

IDF unveils new cyber defense HQ  Somewhere in central Israel, deep underground, is a 24/7 war room meant to enable the Israel Defense Forces to defend the country from cyber attacks. 

Watch: Hezbollah lawmaker calls to kidnap Israelis  Lebanese parliamentarian for Hezbollah openly calls for Israeli civilians to be kidnapped in a future war with Israel. 

Brexit: Merkel says 'no need to be nasty' in leaving talks  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the European Union has "no need to be particularly nasty in any way" in the negotiations with Britain about its exit from the bloc. 

Analysis: On diplomatic front, weaker EU not necessarily bad for Israel  Israel loses good friend in Cameron, but leading contenders to succeed him - Johnson, Osborne - also very friendly. 

Talking About the Elephant in the Brexit Room  Today, everyone is talking about the Brexit vote, but no one will talk about the elephant in the Brexit room. 

US military 'to lift transgender ban'  US officials say the Pentagon will lift its ban on openly transgender service personnel next month. 

#Londependence: Tens of thousands call for capital to be made an independent state, join EU  More than 75,000 people have signed a petition to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan calling on him to declare the capital city an independent state and apply for EU membership. 

Brexit - Backlash from mass migration and ISIS  In a historic referendum, millions of British citizens voted Thursday, June 23, to leave the European Union after 43 years by a margin of 52 to 48 percent.