Saturday, April 14, 2018


US, France, Britain launch 110 cruise missiles on Syrian chemical weapons sites In the first wave, the three allies targeted the Mezza military airport outside Damascus, Arzza and the Jamarya “research center” formerly struck by Israel, also two chemical sites near Homs.

Syrian Army Vows To Press War, Rebels Say Strikes Not Enough Damascus and its allies have said reports about poison gas in Douma were fabricated as a pretext for Western strikes.

Syria air strikes: Trump hails 'perfect' mission US President Donald Trump has hailed an overnight military strike on Syria as "perfectly executed", adding: "Mission Accomplished".

Ayatollah Khamenei calls U.S., UK, French leaders criminals Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has strongly denounced joint airstrikes by the U.S., UK and France on Syria as a “crime,” saying the leaders of the three countries are “criminals”.

Russia, Iran prepare multi-level response for US-led precision strike on Syria Moscow acted swiftly to boost its ties with Tehran and beef up the Syrian military in reaction to the US-British-French surgical missile strike on Syria’s chemical sites on Saturday, April 12.

Russia Likely To Call U.N. Meeting Over Syria Attack, Says Lawmaker The US-led strikes were a response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Douma last weekend which killed dozens of civilians.

A Sense Of Victory By Both Hamas And Israel: A Recipe For Escalation In Gaza? Seven tips for how Israel can improve its position amid turbulence on the Gaza border.

Senior Iranian Cleric: Hezbollah Will Destroy Haifa And Tel Aviv Khatami also suggested that Israel will be destroyed within the next 25 years, or "even before" then.

Iranian drone was sent to Israel 'to attack' Israel has said the Iranian drone it shot down in February was loaded with explosives and "tasked to attack".

Meeting after the missiles: UN, EU, NATO to hold urgent consultations on Syria International bodies are scrambling to meet in the wake of the US-led strike against Syria, which was conducted without a UN mandate, just hours before the OPCW was to begin its on-site inquiry into the Douma gas attack.