Monday, March 08, 2021


 Iranian Defense Minister threatens to raze Tel Aviv and Haifa Iran's Defense Minister: If Israel launches a preemptive attack on Iran, we will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground.

Iranian naval chief lays out warning to 'destabilizing forces' - IRNA The commander went on to further boast about the cooperation between the army, navy and the IRGC, claiming that it stands to deter any "destabilizing measures by interventionist forces," IRNA stated.

Rouhani to Europe: Avoid threats in negotiations with Iran Iran's President meets Irish Foreign Minister, says the best way to solve problems is negotiations based on mutual respect.

WATCH: Israeli jets escort American B-52 bombers in apparent ‘show of force’ to Iran Two American B-52 bombers have performed a strategic fly-by, accompanied by Israeli fighter jets, in a show of force “pivotal in maintaining the security of Israeli and Middle Eastern skies,” according to the IDF.

PA: Jews are “defiling Jerusalem,” “invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque” when they visit the Temple Mount Did you know Jews are constantly “invading” and “defiling” the Al-Aqsa Mosque? At least that’s what the Palestinian Authority leaders want Palestinians to believe is happening when Jews visit the Temple Mount.

Iraqi government prevents Jews from participating in Pope’s historic visit Iraqi-born Edwin Shuker: Baghdad wasted a historic opportunity to reconcile with its Jews by inviting them to attend the ceremony at Ur.

The Shiite Crescent: The Middle East’s Arc of Crisis Iran’s hegemonic ambitions depend on an unbroken Shiite arc from Bahrain to Lebanon.

Would Saudi Arabia Buy Weapons from Russia or China? Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will likely seek alternative arms suppliers if the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden follows through on canceling arms shipments to the Arab Gulf countries.

A Storm Over the American Republic The atmosphere in the United States remains poisonous. Critics claim that stoking in the public is being done on purpose -- to create a false narrative that not only is Trump supposedly a "threat to democracy," but that his more than 74 million supporters are, too.

2021 on track to become record-breaking year of major earthquakes, volcanoes Though the past year has been replete with troubling news items that include a pandemic and hotly contested US Presidential election, the earth shaking beneath our feet seems to have gone unnoticed.