Saturday, December 26, 2009


* Model Altar of Unhewn Stones Completed at Temple Institute The Temple Institute in Jerusalem announced Friday the completion of a model of the biblical altar which G-d, through Moses, commanded the nation of Israel to build at the Mount of Eval (Ebal) overlooking Shechem.

* US plane attack suspect quizzed after 'terror attempt' Nigerian reported to have links to al-Qaeda is being questioned after an attempted act of terrorism on a plane arriving in the US, officials say.

* Maverick Iraqi politician claims Iran could go nuclear within weeks Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi is warning that Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US State Department, believe.

* Diplomacy: The Russians are coming In a luxury hotel at Suweima, on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, the Russians held a "Track II" conference this week designed to send a clear message to the Arab world: "We are back."

* Six Palestinians killed in West Bank, Gaza attacks Israeli troops have killed six Palestinians - three in the Gaza Strip and three in the West Bank.

* Renewed clashes reported in Iran Iranian security forces and opposition activists have clashed in the centre of the capital Tehran, according to reformist websites and witnesses.

* Asia marks fifth anniversary of Indian Ocean tsunami Countries across the Indian Ocean are marking the fifth anniversary of the catastrophic tsunami that killed almost 250,000 people.

* Analysis: Poaching from Kadima In 1955 a local Jerusalem politician named Rahamim Kalanter, elected to the Jerusalem city council on a National Religious Party slate, remained inside the coalition after his party bolted in exchange for an appointment as deputy mayor in charge of religious affairs and sanitation.

* Iraqi and Iranian forces stand off in oil well row Iraqi and Iranian forces are dug in on either side of a disputed inactive oil well in the sensitive border area, with Iraqis vowing to fight if necessary to fend off another occupation of the well by Iranian soldiers.

* Al-Aqsa Brigades: Israel opening gates of hell Thousands of people on Saturday attended the funerals of three al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades members who were responsible for the shooting death of Jewish settler Meir Avshalom Hai.

* Minister Ayalon: 2010 decisive year on Iran Deputy foreign minister says not only Israel, but entire world to be tested next year with regards to Iranian nuclear program.