Monday, July 30, 2018


Abbas Warns 'Fateful and Dangerous' Measures In The Works Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that the Palestinians are planning to make "fateful and dangerous decisions on important issues in the next two months," leading to speculation that he intends to sever ties with Israel.

'Abbas is directly responsible for attack' Economy Minister: 'Anyone who talks of political settlement and desire to live in peace cannot finance murderers and martyrs.'

Hamas Claims Gaza Protests are 'Peaceful,' Then Calls for Killing Every Jew One of the top Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip last week again claimed that ongoing demonstrations along the coastal enclave's border with Israel are "peaceful" in nature.

Dignity for the Palestinians Given that all Palestinian leaderships have called for a Palestinian state that will encompass and obliterate the state of Israel, it is not surprising that they cannot bear to accept any proposal that will give them only one small state (or two small states) in the territory allotted to them by the United Nations in 1947.

Israel's Nationality Law: What, exactly, does it say? Claims that the law is not strong enough conflict with claims of racism and apartheid. What's the truth? Read the new law in full.

Saudi Arabia: No peace talks without eastern Jerusalem Saudi Arabia reportedly tells allies it will not endorse any Middle East peace plan that fails to address Jerusalem or "right of return".

A majority of Leave voters now believe May's Brexit deal will be bad for Britain More than half (51%) of Leave voters and two-thirds (65%) of the public now believe the outcome of Brexit negotiations will be bad for Britain, according to a Sky poll.

Churches may have to pay taxes, and members of Congress may pay politically Members of Congress should be able to work together to protect houses of worship from having to pay taxes, especially in an election year when both parties want to earn the faith community's vote.

Newly released minutes show US pressure on Israel to leave West Bank in '78 Marking 40 years to Camp David accords, the Center for Israel Education is rolling out memos detailing negotiations that led to Israel-Egypt peace treaty.

Religious IDF soldiers forced to listen to transgender lecture Soldiers in commanders course complain after being forced to listen speech lauding transgender lifestyle. IDF says lecture was a mistake.