Saturday, June 26, 2010


* G8 summit turns focus to nuclear row with Iran, N. Korea After failing to resolve their differences on economic strategy, world leaders are turning their attention to grappling with some of the globe's toughest foreign policy problems.

* U.S.: Turkey must prove its commitment to the West The United States on Saturday warned Turkey that it was alienating U.S. supporters and needed to demonstrate its commitment to partnership with the West.

* Congresswoman: Hezbollah joining Mexican drug cartels North Carolina Congresswoman Sue Myrick warned Friday that Hezbollah may be colluding with drug cartels on the US-Mexican border.

* Pakistan to monitor Google and Yahoo for 'blasphemy' Pakistan will start monitoring seven major websites, including Google and Yahoo, for content it deems offensive to Muslims.

* Iran: Gaza delegation to go on Lebanon ship Iranian lawmakers protesting Israel's blockade of Gaza plan to travel on an aid ship that plans to leave from Lebanon.

* 'Magnified' lunar eclipse in North America finishes A partial lunar eclipse which was unusually magnified to viewers in North America has now ended.

* Lebanon: Israel can only threaten Conflict over natural gas reserves on the northern border heated up Friday as Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri responded to threats.

* Top U.S. military officer visits Afghanistan after McChrystal's ouster America's top military officer was in Afghanistan on Saturday in a scheduled visit that took on new significance after Gen. Stanley McChrystal was removed from his position this week as commander of the Afghan war.

* 'Without state, PA is irrelevant' Palestinian Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat warned on Friday that the Palestinian Authority was founded to establish the institutions for a Palestinian state.

* US denies secret talks with Hamas The US denied on Saturday reports by an Arab newspaper saying officials were holding secret talks with Hamas.