Monday, April 06, 2015


Tens of thousands crowd Western Wall for priestly blessing  Semi-annual event is a reminder of the Jewish pilgrimages from temple times.

Iranian, US Versions of Nuclear Deal Contradict Each Other  Comparison of US and Farsi text shows differences on centrifuge development, Arak's future, etc.; Obama's 'false claims' revealed.

Israel Braces for 'Electronic Holocaust'  For the past several years, on April 7, groups of extremist hackers have targeted Israeli government domains and companies.

What Might a Middle East Nuclear Arms Race Look Like?  Nuclear brinkmanship in the Middle East would not necessarily resemble past nuclear rivalries around the world.

Kenya bombs Somalia al-Shabab bases after Garissa attack  Kenyan fighter jets have bombed positions of militant Islamist group al-Shabab in neighboring Somalia, a military spokesman has told the BBC.

WATCH: Bosnians in Vienna turn anti-Semitic, shout 'Kill, kill the Jews'  The visiting fans' pro-Palestinian protest in Vienna's central square quickly turned anti-Semitic.

Iran military chief hails nuclear success  Iran's military chief has hailed the success of his country's negotiators in talks with world powers that secured a framework for a deal on its long-disputed nuclear program.

Demand for Access to Synagogue on the Temple Mount  Temple Mount activists demand police follow the law and grant access to synagogue on Mahkama Building, located on Mount.

Nightmare Scenario: How Would Israel Combat a Nuclear Iran?  Israel will look to the US for security guarantees in response to an Iranian nuke, but how would it defend against strengthened proxies?

Verifying Iran Nuclear Deal Not Possible, Experts Say  Past Iranian cheating to be codified by future accord.