Saturday, December 08, 2012


* Mashaal vows to continue fighting Israel rather than give up 'any inch' of Palestine The leader of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas vowed to continue fighting Israel Saturday.

* Iranian warships dock in Sudan for second time, angering Saudis Two Iranian warships docked in Port Sudan for the second time in less than two months in recent days.

* Egypt's military warns of 'disastrous consequences' if crisis not resolved through dialogue Egypt's military warned on Saturday of "disastrous consequences" if the crisis that sent tens of thousands of protesters back into the streets is not resolved.

* Assad is already using chemical weapons, Syrian opposition claims As fears grow that Syrian President Bashar Assad may use chemical weapons in a desperate move to quell a 22-month uprising, members of the opposition claimed Friday that the regime is already using internationally-banned chemical agents.

* Mashaal in Gaza: Tomorrow Ramallah, then Jerusalem Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal, on his first visit to Gaza on Friday, told crowds he hoped his next visit would be to "Jerusalem, Ramallah and a liberated Palestine."

* Obama sends Hanukkah message to Jews worldwide US President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, issued their annual Hanukkah message on Friday.

* Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears Ahead of December 21, which marks the conclusion of the 5,125-year "Long Count" Mayan calendar, panic buying of candles and essentials has been reported in China and Russia.

* Islamist coalition urges referendum to go ahead A coalition of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups called on Saturday for a referendum on a draft constitution to go ahead on time on December 15.

* US Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage cases The US Supreme Court has agreed for the first time to hear challenges to laws banning gay marriage in the US.

* Saudi official: Gulf cannot 'tolerate' unrest A senior Saudi official says Gulf Arab states must quash any Arab Spring-inspired unrest or risk threats to their leadership across the oil-rich region.