Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Top diplomat: Palestinian conflict 'close to bottom' of Sunni Arab world's agenda  Israel's budding relations with Arab states have to be kept clandestine because of Arab public 'sensitivities', Dore Gold says. 

Extremists 'en route from Syria to France and Belgium'  Authorities in Paris already on high alert because of Islamic State threats to attack during Euro Cup. 

Iran's Khamenei Threatens to 'Set Fire' to Nuclear Deal if West Violates  Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, threatened on Tuesday to 'set fire' to the nuclear deal sealed with world powers if U.S. presidential candidates reneged on the agreement. 

IDF intel chief: Our enemies have no idea how powerful we are  Major General Herzi Halevi speaks about threats to Israel. 

'Next war with Hamas will be its last,' senior defense source says  Future conflict is inevitable, but Israel will not initiate it, source adds; says: Hamas spends all of its money on arming itself, not to help Gazans. 

Facebook apologizes for removing pro-Israel post  The Israel Video Network was also not allowed to post for three days, and was asked to remove other posts that may be 'problematic.' Facebook threatened termination of the page. 

Palestinian Authority TV: Galilee is 'Palestine'  Official PA TV teaches children that Galilee is part of Palestine. 

Orlando gunman's wife has Palestinian roots, was married before in West Bank  Noor Zahi Salman's parents listed as being born in 'Palestine'; police believe she knew about the plot ahead of time. 

Iraq to sue Israel for destroying nuclear reactor in 1981  Homam Hamoudi, 1st deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, announces his country's intention to seek compensation for 'material damage and loss of life' following Israeli destruction of Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq. 

Hamas Threatens Jordan  An article published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi on April 20, 2016 asked why Jordanian Prime Minister Abdallah Ensour fired Salame Hamad from his post as Minister of the Interior, despite Hamad having restored internal security and causing Jordanians to feel they were living in a country of law and order.