Monday, March 14, 2016


Ankara bombing: Turkey strikes against Kurdish rebel PKK  Turkey has begun security operations against Kurdish rebels in the country's south-east and in Iraq. 

Islamic Jihad calls for mass murder of Jews 'inside their towns'  Islamic Jihad chief Ahmed al-Modallal leads mass demonstration, calls for more terrorist infiltrations. 

Syria conflict: New talks are 'moment of truth' says UN  The UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has described fresh peace talks in Geneva as a "moment of truth". 

Netanyahu: Peace will come through Arab world  Netanyahu praised Begin for making peace with Egypt and said it was time for the international community to realize that the paradigm for peacemaking had changed. 

Six months of terror: Former defense officials explain why the wave has not faded  Former senior defense officials explain the differences between past events and what is happening today, talk about moves which could bring calm, and on the difficulty to remain optimistic. 

Living in fear: Iraq's last Jews  Iraq's remaining Jews live in the shadow of rising Islamic extremism and daily terror attacks. 

Chinese general says bond with Jews is ancient  General Zhao Keshi meets IDF logistics delegation, says military relations between the two countries are developing smoothly. 

Saudi Daily: Iran Has Replaced Israel as the Gulf States' No. 1 Enemy  The Saudi daily Al-Jazirah published an article Tuesday saying that Iran has replaced Israel as the number one enemy of the Gulf states, and anyone who disagrees is a traitor. 

ExoMars: Joint Russia/Europe rocket successfully sets off on long journey to Red Planet  A rocket has blasted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying a pair of spacecraft which hope to find if there really is life on Mars.

U.S. Says North Korea Rhetoric a Prelude to Attack  Escalating threats from North Korea's communist regime are indicators of a future military attack or another nuclear test in the coming days, according to a recent U.S. intelligence assessment.