Thursday, October 04, 2018


Once Cursed in the Bible, The Dead Sea is Now a Blessing for Life - But it is Endangered For those who have visited the lowest point on the face of the earth, Ezekiel's end-of-days prophecy of the Dead Sea coming to life seems impossible, yet recently, scientists have been shocked to discover that the sinkholes appearing around the sea are quickly filling up with fish and other forms of life previously unseen in the inhospitable region.

Israel Must Rethink Its Syria Strategy After Downing of Russian Plane The downing of the Russian plane requires Israel to reevaluate the continued relevance of its years-long air campaign in Syria.

Assad Survives Syria Civil War, Says Arab Nations Prepping to Reopen Diplomatic Missions Syria's bloody civil war is almost over, with Arab and Western delegations readying to resume diplomatic ties, a confident President Bashar al-Assad told a Kuwaiti newspaper Wednesday.

Germany, Israel agree Iran must never have nuclear weapons: Merkel Germany and Israel agree that Iran should never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons but they differ on how to achieve this goal, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Syrian Foreign Minister to UN: We Will Liberate Golan From 'Terrorist' Israel Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem recently addressed the UN General Assembly, accusing Israel of supporting terrorism while warning that his country intends to "liberate" the Golan Heights from Israel.

Will There Be a Second Arab Spring? The Middle East's youthquake could still have its revolution.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for an arms embargo on Israel A disturbing glimpse at the U.K. Labor Party's leader -- and his dark Jew-hating world.

Donald Tusk launches scathing attack on 'insulting' Jeremy Hunt for comparing EU to Soviet Russia European Commission president Donald Tusk lashes out at the UK foreign secretary after he compares the EU to Soviet Russia.

Brexit Bulletin: Done by December? Today in Brexit: May is plotting on two fronts to get Brexit over the line.

Washington Watch: China Syndrome President Donald Trump is taking no chances. He already has an excuse in case Republicans take a drubbing in next month's congressional elections: it was a Chinese plot.