Tuesday, August 21, 2012


* Netanyahu 'determined to attack Iran' before US elections, claims Israel's Channel 10 Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is determined to attack Iran before the US elections," Israel's Channel 10 News claimed.

* Russia warns West on Syria after Obama threats Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the West on Tuesday against any unilateral action on Syria after President Barack Obama said U.S. forces could act if the Syrian leader deployed chemical weapons.

* Upping the ante? Iran unveils 6 weapons upgrades Iranian Defense Minister Vahidi: Tehran will launch domestically-produced fighter jets, submarines by early 2013.

* US still has key Iraq role after troop exit: Dempsey Top US military officer General Martin Dempsey insisted Washington still had an important role to play in Iraq, where he landed on Tuesday, eight months after American troops departed.

* Top Iran official: If Israel attacks, it will bring about its own 'annihilation' An Israeli attack on Iran will lead to Israel's "annihilation," a senior Iranian official told the country's state-run TV station Press TV.

* Netanyahu Tells Egypt: Keep Tanks out of Sinai Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has demanded that Egypt cease sending tanks into the Sinai without Israel's approval.

* Missile Hits US Military Chief's Plane; Dempsey not On Board Terrorists in Afghanistan attacked the parked plane of US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey, who was not in the aircraft at the time.

* US: Ban, Morsy should not attend Tehran NAM summit The United States is against high-level diplomatic visits to Iran by Egyptian and UN officials.

* Foreign Ministry lists Iran's anti-Israel remarks Threats, deligitimization and anti-Semitism are the constant subject of 14 quotes during August alone in "greatest hits" list.

* Syrian Violence Threatens Israeli Border at Lebanon Syrian civil war violence spread to Lebanon's west coast Monday, leaving two dead and 40 wounded in Tripoli.